Burnt Norton

As I’ve mentioned before, my camera comes everywhere with me, so a caravan holiday to Exmouth would be no exception. The caravan is owned by my Nan and Grandad and I’ve spent many a week there during the summer holidays of my youth. This trip in particular was my second this year except this time I went up with my Mum, Dad and brother. I’m lucky enough to live on the south coast of England where the land meets the sea and beaches are plentiful. Where we were staying was a short walk away from the town of Exmouth, so we did our usual route of along the beach and back over the cliffs – the perfect opportunity to get some unscripted and natural footage.

untitled 2

If there’s one thing I’m glad I did that day it’s that I took my camera with me. It was quite a windy day so the sea had a beautiful wavy motion, and being a sunny day in October animals were allowed back on the beaches. This gave me some nice shots of dogs running into the sea, as well as some lovely footage of dogs that had a clear bond with their owners; however the shot I am most happy with from that day is the shot of horses stood on golden sand and silhouetted against the sun beginning to set on the sea, something I was not expecting to film that day but I’m very pleased I did.

untitled 3

If that was what I was most happy with that day, my biggest regret was not bringing my tripod. If I’m honest I wasn’t expecting to take very many good shots that day as I thought it would be a case of film a few bits of the sea and that would be it. As a result, to make up for the slight shakiness of some of the shots, I used the stabilise effect on Serif MoviePlus X5, which didn’t completely get rid of the wobbliness but it did thankfully reduce it. What one of my friends said was that actually the slight shakiness gives the film a vintage feel to it, and that it echoes the same feel used for the Burnt Norton track in the background. However, I still can’t help but feel lesson learned – always bring the tripod!



Back to our walk into Exmouth, as we approached the outskirts of the seaside town we came across where the sand dunes used to stand that had been completely destroyed in the storms a couple of years ago. As we walked we found that parts of the ex-sand dunes hadn’t been walked on that day, beautiful virgin sands that were soft and almost not of this country. I got my brother to walk across this small stretch of beach, filming a close-up of his feet before panning ahead to where the virgin sands continued to give a sense of a long and peaceful, but perhaps lonely journey.

untitled 1

As I pondered what I could do with all this footage I had filmed, I considered whether or not a song would, not ruin, but take away the natural beauty of the footage; what I needed was a poem. Then I remembered, only the other day I had bought Lana Del Rey’s new Honeymoon album which had an interlude – a short piece of Lana Del Rey reading an extract of T.S. Eliot’s Burnt Norton poem. As I listened to the words, I hoped it would empthasise the messages of fleeting life and just enjoying the world around us as it lasts – and it did! You can see the finished product for yourself below, a more arty piece to my usual work, a more sophisticated and stripped back reflection of life that is open to interpretation…



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