San Tropez

For my first foreign location shoot, I decided to make a music video for the Pink Floyd song San Tropez. Okay, so I wasn’t actually filming in San Tropez, but I was in the next best place: Javea, Spain. Okay, so it’s a completely different country, but minor details! The reason I was in Javea in the first place was for a holiday family with my mum, dad, brother, and uncle; but I wasn’t going to waste the opportunity to make a new video, oh no, I was going to create a whole mini film studio inside our rented villa! And so it began, the 24/7 filming, trying to direct a family that just wanted to relax, and attempting to win back the GoPro that my brother seemed to have adopted…


Before we set off, I’d made sure I’d packed everything I may possibly have needed for the video: laptop, chargers, video camera, still camera, tripods, GoPro, Go Pro accessories, you name it – I had it packed. The first challenge was to get through customs without any hassle from the staff. Luckily, everything was all alright for their liking and I got through with no fuss whatsoever. Once in, I had an hour of waiting and a two hour flight to plan the video; in fact I listened to the song over and over so much that it’s now one of the top 25 most played songs on my iPod. I decided what I wanted to go for was 1970s style home video holiday footage (hence the crackling appearance of the video) juxtaposed by a few modern filming techniques and some HD footage either end of the video.


Only a few months before the shoot I’d got a GoPro for my birthday from my parents. Until the holiday I hadn’t really used it much apart from a few trial runs and getting to grips with the modes and settings. During the holiday I went all out on it, quite a few of the shots in the video were filmed using the GoPro; these include the tunnel footage from the car desktop, the underwater shots, and the scenes from the supermarkets. I used my standard video camera for some fairly ambitious shots also, including the shots from the aeroplane window and the reverse jumping into the pool. For the latter shot, I had to coordinate my brother, dad, uncle and I to walk in backwards and jump into the pool with as much confidence as possible. When reversed on Serif MoviePlus the result is possibly one of my favourite pieces of footage I’ve ever made.


To do a little marketing for the video, I requested to join a Pink Floyd group on Facebook with over 50,000 members. What this enabled me to do was to the post the video onto the group where it would be distributed to a certain number of group members’ news feed for them to watch if we wish. Obviously I didn’t get thousands of views, but the twenty odd that did watch it mean I’m one step closer to reaching the mass audience I’m after.

I’ll leave the video below for you to watch too, and as they say in Spain, adios.


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